Finding Answers In The Heart
Faith Missionary Baptist Church began as a Mission on May 7, 1961.  Our sponsoring church was Fellowhip Missionary Baptist Church of Pasadena, Texas.  June 30, 1961 the mission met with our sponsoring church for the purpose of organizing a full time New Testament Church.  The following brothers serves as the presbtry:  C.H. McBryde, Calvin Hancock, James Taylor, Claud Raiborn, Jack Simmons, C.H. Burgin and James Kirkland.  The name FAITH MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH was adopted at this time.  

The church then elected to join with the American Baptist Association, The South Texas Missionary Association and the Missionary Baptist Association of Texas.  The following members were accepted by letter:  Bro. J.W. Collum, Mrs. J.W. Collum, Robert G. Neal, Elenor Neal, Alvin Grasshoff, Jane Grasshorr, W.G. Hinton, Ruthie Hinton, Lettie Botts and Brenda Thorton.  The Chrarter was left open until July 30, 1961.  

During the period June 30, 1961 to July 30, 1961 the following members were added; Robert Taylor, Mrs. Robert Taylor, Richard Grasshoff, Rhonda Grasshoff, Sondra Grasshoff, Margie King, Ira Helmentoller and Rose Helmentoller.  The Charter was then closed with eighteen members.  Brother J.W. Collum was elected to serve as pastor.  Brother Collum pastored until May 11, 1966.  During his ministry Brother D.H. "Bill" Hogan surrendered to the call to preach the Gospel. 

 Bro Bill was ordained by Faith Missionary Baptist Church on August 14, 1966.  The presbytery serving for the ordination were Brothers C.H. McBryed, Leo F. Massie, O.L. Belcher and B.H. Hogan.  After the ordination was complete the presbytery recommended Bro. Bill as interim pastor of the church.  Bro Bill served as pastor of Faith Missionary Baptist Church until September 1967.  

The Church then went back on mission status.  Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church of Pasadena resumed sponsorship at the time, Br. Jack Strickland was called as pastor.  It was under the leadership of Bro. Stickland that the mission went back to full New Testament status June 19, 1971.

The church adopted the Church Covenant at this time as well as the articles of faith as stated in "The Baptist Way" book.  The church rejoined the South Texas Missionary Baptist Association, The Missionary Baptist Association of Texas and the American Baptist Association.  Bro Strickland was pastor until December 9, 1973. 

Others who have pastored Faith Missionary Baptist Church were Bro. Billy Turpin from January 2, 1974 to October 18, 1981, Bro. Lance Spiller from may 2, 1982 to January 22, 1983, Bro. Bobby G. Bryant Sr. from October 5, 1983 to January 2, 2013, Bro. Johnathan Simons from September 1, 2013 to August 21, 2016.

On October 12, 2016, Ray Taylor was called as pastor.​​

Faith Missionary Baptist Church continues to be a light in the community.